Smartphone set plan

Choose your best plan! 

More discount with smartphone!

From monthly fee only ¥2160

Unli voice plan and basic voice plan

data only plan

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SIM plan

Choose your best plan!

♦Unli voice plan

♦Basic voice plan

♦Data only plan

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Pocket Wi-Fi

From 10GB~400GB plan
Large capacity

High speed!

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  • Rental SIM

    If you have your own device, just choose SIM plan

  • Internet mobile

    Hight speed. Large capacity

    Up to 400GB pocket WiFi

    Affordable price

  • Smartphone set plan

    Smartphone set plan

    ♦Android + SIM

    ♦iPhone + SIM

    ♦iPhone + SIM + Pocket WiFi ( Super combo plan )

    Choose your best plan!

Home unlimited internet

Fiber Optic internet service!

Home unlimited internet!

★High Speed

★1G 5GB 10GB

★Provider included


UR residents ONLY!

No construction fee

No cancellaton fee

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Monthly special Raffle

  • APN settings

    For iPhone and Android

    Pocket WiFi settings

    We have customer support available!

    For 7 languages, including English, Vietnamese,Nepali,Indonesian, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.

  • How to use it

    It is very simple.

    We will support you how to use it by your language!

  • Payment

    Paper bill

    Via Paynget link

    Via Payeasy

    By credit card

    Very easy and simple payment!